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Crisis And Capitalism In Contemporary Argentine Cinema Pdf

crisis and capitalism in contemporary argentine cinema pdf

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Remaking Brazil

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Centre of Latin American Studies

My interests include literature, film, graphic fiction and visual arts from Latin America, particularly Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. Many of my recent projects are related to the broader theme of the relationship between science and the arts, but I have also worked on questions of memory, modernity, capitalism, posthumanism, new materialism, decoloniality and environmental thought in Latin America. The monographs and edited volumes I have published are listed below, and many of them are available on open access via the links given. Crisis and Capitalism in Contemporary Argentine Cinema explores the significant boom in Argentine filmmaking from the mids onwards, with a particular emphasis on how these productions have registered Argentina's experience of capitalism, neo-liberalism, and economic crisis. In different ways, the films selected for discussion testify to the social consequences of growing unemployment, rising crime, marginalization, and the expansion of the informal economy.

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Since the mids, Argentine filmmaking has experienced a boom in production that at the time of writing shows no signs of abating. Critics and film festivals.

Introduction Revisiting the Argentine Crisis a Decade on: Changes and Continuities

There has been a significant surge in recent Argentine cinema, with an explosion in the number of films made in the country since the mids. Many of these productions have been highly acclaimed by critics in Argentina and elsewhere. What makes this boom all the more extraordinary is its coinciding with a period of severe economic crisis and civil unrest in the nation.


Crisis and Capitalism in Contemporary Argentine Cinema

Genre s : Modern Languages Literary Criticism. Series: Iberian and Latin American Studies. This volume examines Brazilian films released between and , with special attention to issues of race, ethnicity and national identity. This book is an important addition to the growing bibliography on films of the so-called 'retomada' or renaissance of Brazilian cinema that began in the mids, and is essential reading for students and scholars working in this field. It will also appeal to a general readership with an interest in contemporary cinema or Brazilian culture. Heise has devised an insightful method to tackle its complexity, by focusing on the recurrent trope of brasilidade, that is, the idea of national belonging.

While the study of superheroes has become a comprehensive field in itself, a focus on global superheroes has only recently begun to take shape. Missing from this study, however, is an examination of Argentine superheroes. The present essay fills this gap by addressing two films, Zenitram and Kryptonita , that portray and critique Argentina and its relationship with neoliberalism in the 20th and 21st centuries. Both films move beyond the parameters of genre cinema by engaging salient issues extant in the cultural horizon of the country. Aguilar, G.

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Appiolaza, Fausto: Crisis and Capitalism in Contemporary Argentine Cinema - written by Joanna Page, Durham-. London: Duke University Press, In.

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Buy Now. Latin American science fiction, cyberfiction, and representations of science and technology in Latin American literature and cinema are examined from interdisciplinary perspectives in this bold and insightful analysis. Creativity and Science in Argentine Literature adds new understanding to the growing body of interdisciplinary work on the relationship between literature and science in postmodern culture.

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Argentina in Crisis: Superheroes in Zenitram (2010) and Kryptonita (2015)

This first in-depth English-language study of Argentine fiction films released since the mids explains how they have registered Argentinas recent experience of capitalism, neoliberalism, and economic crisis. Crisis and Capitalism in Contemporary Argentine Cinema. EN English Deutsch.

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