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Rights And Duties Of Banker And Customer Pdf

rights and duties of banker and customer pdf

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Rights And Duties Of A Banker Pdf

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Chamila Talagala. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Talagala [ Today, banks are perceived as indispensable institutions not only by the business community, but also by ordinary public.

The concept of multi-functional banks in the globalized economy, providing various types of services, has radically changed the historical scope of banking business. The various services provided by banks impose number of important duties on themselves.

Due to the extensive and varied nature of modern banking business, proper regulation over the duties of the banks has become vital. The article will proceed to analyse the Banking law in Sri Lanka referring to the laws of other jurisdictions where appropriate. What is a Bank? Cranston, Principles of Banking Law, 2nd ed. Clarendon: Oxford University Press, at pp. Basically the relationship is that of a mandator the customer and mandatory the bank , but it is nonetheless a relationship which embraces mutual duties and obligations.

It is a relationship peculiar to banking, giving rise to a contract between the two parties. It has been judicially held that a person may become a customer by entering into a contract with the bank by way of opening some sort of account. Thus, in Woods v. Martins Bank Ltd. See also, W. Bank-Customer Relationship The relationship of bank and customer is one of contract.

Unless contractually bound, banks are generally free to decide whether they will provide particular services to their customers or not. The general contracts between banks and their customers would hardly incorporate all the terms in writing, whereas special contracts may commonly incorporate 7 Foley v. Hill 2 HL Cas London: LexisNexis Butterworths, at p. Clarendon: Oxford University Press, at p.

Swiss Bank Corp. Moreover, it would be impracticable to reduce all the terms agreed between the bank and the customer to writing. Above all, there may be implied terms in the bank-customer contracts, which are peculiar to the banking practice, so that they cannot be displaced without affecting business efficacy. Duties of the Bank The classic exposition of the nature of the bank-customer relationship in Joachimson v. The proceeds so received are not to be held in trust for the customer, but the bank borrows the proceeds and undertakes to repay them.

The promise to repay is to repay at the branch of the bank where the account is kept, and during banking hours. It includes a promise to repay any part of the amount due against the written order of the customer addressed to the bank at the branch, and as such written orders may be outstanding in the ordinary course of business for two or three days, it is a term of the contract that the bank will not cease to do business with the customer, except upon reasonable notice.

The customer on his part undertakes to exercise reasonable care in exercising his written orders as not to mislead the bank or to facilitate forgery.

I think it is necessarily a term of such a contract that the bank is not liable to pay the customer the full amount of his balance until he demands payment from the bank at the branch at which the current account is kept. Indian London: Butterworths, at p. See also, R. However, this duty is subject to certain conditions aimed at realities of banking practice and business efficacy. It is an implied term in the contract between the bank and its customer that the bank is not liable to repay the customer until demand is made for repayment.

Until then, there is no presently due debt owed by the bank to the customer. Although, an oral demand would be technically sufficient to be termed as a valid demand, the normal practice adopted by banks is to consider a cheque or passbook as a demand, apart from the e- banking and mobile-banking methods.

However, as seen in the present context, banks may contract with its customers so as to enable the customers to withdraw money or make demand for repayment from any branch of the bank. In such circumstances, there would be an added obligation created on the banks to conform to what they have contracted with their customers. The bank-customer relationship had been historically held as essentially a debtor- creditor relationship.

Even, in the decision of Foley v. Hill, 18 where it was See, M. National Provincial Bank Ltd. Lord Justice Bankes reached the same decision as Lord Justice Atkin, whilst adhering to the notion of implied superadded obligations. This would mean repaying by the bank to its customers directly after the customers had deposited the money into their respective accounts. It would also be unrealistic to permit customers, like ordinary creditors, to demand repayment of the deposits from their banks, at any time and any place.

Lord Justice Bankes observed in Joachimson v. When the bank acts outside the authority conferred by the mandate, effects of such acts will not be binding on the customer and therefore, bank alone would be liable for any loss incurred thereby.

These requirements include: 1. There should be no legal impediments to the payment of the cheques. The cheque is also required to be drawn in proper form. Hulls 10 VLR L Weerasooria37 sums up the two courses of action seem to be open to the bank in this context; that is, either dishonor the cheque for want of funds or exercise discretion to grant the customer a temporary overdraft, since drawing of a cheque when funds are insufficient to meet it is equivalent to asking the bank for an overdraft 38 Another important concern for banks is the order of payment of cheques.

Duckworth LR 4 Ex ; Joachimson v. Bank of London 3 F The bank must either pay or refuse the payment by dishonour. The death of the customer terminates the authority given by the customer to the bank and would terminate the bank-customer relationship by operation of law. It also operates as an automatic countermand of any outstanding cheques. See also, Westminster Bank Ltd. Hilton 43 TLR Punjab National Bank Ltd. See also, Freeman v.

Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd. A request by the bank to re-present the cheque amounts to dishonour and the bank would be liable if the dishonour is wrongful. Vagliano Bros [] AC at Bank of New South Wales [] Knox However, the Ordinance is silent on what amounts to countermand and, who is entitled to countermand. Clear, unambiguous, unequivocal and unmistakable instructions of the customer to the bank to stop payment are the prerequisites of an effective countermand.

Collecting bank is the bank which collects cheques and receives the payment for the said cheques from the paying bank on behalf of its customer.

The first standard [i. It is also essential that the bank should be informed of the countermand properly. See W. Westminster Bank Ltd. Bank of England 17 CB ; Jones v. Gordon [] 2 AC ; Baker v. Barclays Bank [] 1 WLR The bank would be deemed to have acted without negligence where it has acted reasonably.

See for instance, Karak Rubber Co. Quincecare Ltd. Bank of Ceylon 59 NLR Midland Bank [] 2 All ER Apart from the legal requirement, the banking practice also jealously guards confidentiality of the customer accounts.

National Provincial and Union Bank of England. See also, Tournier v. The duty remains even after the closure of the account and the termination of the bank-customer relationship. National Provincial and Union Bank of England [] 1 KB , itself identified that the duty is not absolute and recognized certain exceptions to the duty. See, W. Accordingly, a fiduciary duty could arise; 1. When the bank provides investment advice or financial advice to the customer,74 2.

When the customer pledges an asset or signs a guarantee to secure the debt of another customer,75and 3.

Duties and liabilities of banker

This article is written by Abhinav Anand , a student pursuing B. LLB Hons. This article deals with the relationship between the banker and the customer. The relationship between a Banker and a Customer is based on trust. It is an effective banking system that paves the way for the proper growth of the economy.

Rights and Duties of Banker and Customer It is very difficult to live without a bank account as it is required for many things. In this blog, we will discuss the rights and duties of bankers and customers. Every bank in India has the right to charge interest on the loans and advances sanctioned to customers. Interest is usually charged monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. Along with interest, banks also have the right to levy a commission and service charges for the services rendered. The service rendered by the bank might be SMS notification service, retail banking and so on.

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rights and duties of banker and customer pdf

Relationship between a banker and customer

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PDF This paper in relation to the concept of rights and duties of bankers towards their respective customers. Right to interest 3. Right to set -off. View Lecture 4 Rights and Duties of a banker 1.

The relationship that arises between banker and customer, in conducting, various businesses involve certain obligations and rights on the banker as well as the customer. Image: Obligations of Bankers towards Customers. It is a statutory obligation of the bank, having sufficient funds of the customer to pay cheques duly drawn and presented. A bank will be forced to compensate the customer for any loss or damage caused by its default. The bank will be forced to pay exemplary damage to the customer.

The Law Relating to Bank-Customer Relationship: Some Salient Duties of Banks

The relationship between a banker and a customer depends on the type of transaction. The term banking may define as accepting of deposit of money from the public for the purpose of lending or investing investment of that money which are repayable on demand or otherwise and with a draw by cheque, draft or order. A person who has a bank account in his name and for whom the banker undertakes to provide the facilities as a banker is considered to be a customer. On the opening of an account, the banker assumes the position of a debtor. A depositor remains a creditor of his banker so long as his account carries a credit balance.

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The Banker—Customer Relationship; Rights and Duties

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Rights and duties of Bankers and Customers

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Banker-Customer Relationships


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