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Quality And Productivity Factors In Software Engineering Pdf

quality and productivity factors in software engineering pdf

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Software Engineering Tutorial

The various factors, which influence the software, are termed as software factors. They can be broadly divided into two categories. The first category of the factors is of those that can be measured directly such as the number of logical errors, and the second category clubs those factors which can be measured only indirectly. For example, maintainability but each of the factors is to be measured to check for the content and the quality control. Several models of software quality factors and their categorization have been suggested over the years.

Programming productivity also called software productivity or development productivity describes the degree of the ability of individual programmers or development teams to build and evolve software systems. Productivity traditionally refers to the ratio between the quantity of software produced and the cost spent for it. Here the delicacy lies in finding a reasonable way to define software quantity. Productivity is an important topic investigated in disciplines as various as manufacturing, organizational psychology, industrial engineering, strategic management, finance, accounting, marketing and economics. Levels of analysis include the individual, the group, divisional, organizational and national levels [5]. Due to this diversity, there is no clear-cut definition of productivity and its influencing factors, although research has been conducted for more than a century. Like in software engineering, this lack of common agreement on what actually constitutes productivity, is perceived as a major obstacle for a substantiated discussion of productivity.

Software Engineering Tutorial delivers basic and advanced concepts of Software Engineering. Software Engineering Tutorial is designed to help beginners and professionals both. The term software engineering is the product of two words, software , and engineering. Software subsists of carefully-organized instructions and code written by developers on any of various particular computer languages. Computer programs and related documentation such as requirements, design models and user manuals. Engineering is the application of scientific and practical knowledge to invent, design, build, maintain , and improve frameworks, processes, etc.

Programming productivity

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Software development productivity impact from an industrial perspective

Impact of 5S on productivity, quality, organizational climate and industrial safety in Caucho Metal Ltda. Universidad El Bosque.

Lect 3 Quality and Productivity Factors

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Software Quality and Productivity Theory, practice, education and training. Front Matter Pages i-xi.

Impact of 5S on productivity, quality, organizational climate and industrial safety in Caucho Metal Ltda. Universidad El Bosque. E-mail: ehernandezl unbosque. A visual diagnosis was chosen to identify the area that presented the greater amount of clutter and dirt.

What is Software Engineering?

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So these factors are direct functions of individual ability and effort. There are two aspects to ability a The general competence of the individual and b Familiarity with the particular application area. Many recent innovations in software engineering, like design reviews, structured walkthroughs and code reading exercises improve communication between the programmers. Application programs have the highest productivity and Systems programs have the lowest productivity, measured in terms of LOC per programmer day. Good and standardized notations can clarify the relationships and interactions, of any specific interest. Also varied tools are provided such as assemblers and primitive debugging facilities integrated under a single fully integrated development environment. Both human and machine resources are required to increase reliability.

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Software Quality Factors

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Software Quality and Productivity


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    When team members contribute effectively and remain motivated during development process would cause high quality and productivity results.

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    Quality and Productivity Factors Mrs. Quality and Productivity Factors  Development and Maintenance of software products are complex tasks. Individual Ability 2. Individual Ability  Software Engineering is labor –intensive. Team Communication  In general, programming is an individual and private activity. Contd.

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