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Globalization And Human Security Pdf

globalization and human security pdf

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After the first decade of the Twenty-First Century, we have come to recognize that the world has become a dangerous place, with terrorism and bloody local conflicts. Humanitarian efforts and human rights laws are largely ignored and systematically violated.

This essay will argue that the current COVID response is dominated by traditional security notions of state-centrality, which despite some possible short-term benefits, fundamentally fail to understand the broad implications of the pandemic. By viewing the current global response in the lens of Critical Security Studies CSS , it is clear that only a shift toward human security will allow for a full COVID recovery, wherein all people are free of wants. This essay will not attempt to provide specific policy solutions to all the various COVID challenges. Instead, by demonstrating the prevalence and problems of a state-based approach in border restrictions, medical stockpiling, national security framing and domestic policy, it will be made clear that the only cure of the interconnected ramifications of COVID is emancipating all individuals using a transnational framework. CSS is a broad school, united in critique and analysis of the traditional realist state prioritisation Williams , p.


What is Human Security? Protracted crises, violent conflicts, natural disasters, persistent poverty, epidemics and economic downturns impose hardships and undercut prospects for peace, stability, and sustainable development. Such crises are complex, entailing multiple forms of human insecurity. The human security approach is a proven analytical and planning framework that supports more comprehensive and preventive responses by the United Nations, cutting across sectors, developing contextually relevant solutions, and adopting partnerships to help realise a world free from fear, want and indignity. The application of human security advances comprehensive responses that address the multidimensional causes and consequences of complex challenges.

The end of the 20th Century and the transition to the 21st is characterized by two simultaneous trends: global political and economic integration processes and national disintegration with broad in security implications. Accordingly, the international relations of the new millennium is impelling many analysts to broaden their conception of security to include issues of human security broadly defined. In other words, while internationalization is producing positive effects in some states, it is also generating many negative results in others. The well-documented and publicized ideological resistance towards globalization-Seattle, Prague, the May Day Protests in London, Davos, and the recent World Economic Forum in New York-demonstrate that the benefits of neoliberal internationalism are not equally distributed among individuals, groups, or states that make up the international system. The widening scope and intensification of a global free market is beneficial to some states, but in others it has eliminated a "social contract" between state and society, accompanied by a strong perception that economic globalization is largely a process of "disorganized capitalism. In this paper, I utilize the neo-Gramscian framework to transnational historical materialism to examine this process and provide evidence of specific instances of negative globalization, insecurity, and dissatisfaction within nations. A theory of international relations based on the Gramscian conceptualization of hegemony is useful for a better understanding of the inherently problematic nature of internationalization Cox, ; Robinson,


Human security is an emerging paradigm for understanding global vulnerabilities whose proponents challenge the traditional notion of national security through military security by arguing that the proper referent for security should be at the human rather than national level. Human security reveals a people-centred and multi-disciplinary understanding of security which involves a number of research fields, including development studies , international relations , strategic studies, and human rights [ clarification needed ]. The United Nations Development Programme 's Human Development Report [1] is considered a milestone publication in the field of human security, with its argument that ensuring " freedom from want " and " freedom from fear " for all persons is the best path to tackle the problem of global insecurity. Critics of the concept argue that its vagueness undermines its effectiveness, [3] that it has become little more than a vehicle for activists wishing to promote certain causes, and that it does not help the research community understand what security means or help decision makers to formulate good policies. Thus understood, human security would no longer be the vague amorphous add-on to harder edged areas of security such as military security or state security. In order for human security to challenge global inequalities, there has to be cooperation between a country's foreign policy and its approach to global health. However, the interest of the state has continued to overshadow the interest of the people.

globalization and human security pdf

Global Covid-19 Responses Through a Critical Security Studies Perspective

What is Human Security?

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