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The information presented on this page is an overview of the average evaluation of this nature and is offered here as a resource. We specialize in providing truly comprehensive health and wellness evaluations and a workable plan for future health to those who want to improve their quality of life. If you would like to learn more about J. Flowers Health Institute , please do not hesitate to reach out. In the early 90s, about 20 million people in the U.

Ronald Jay Cohen Psychological Testing and Assessment

They are used to diagnose psychological problems as well as to screen candidates for college and employment. There are two types of personality tests: self-report inventories and projective tests.

The MMPI is one of the most common self-report inventories. Roberto, Mikhail, and Nat are college friends and all want to be police officers. Roberto is quiet and shy, lacks self-confidence, and usually follows others. He is a kind person, but lacks motivation. Mikhail is loud and boisterous, a leader. He works hard, but is impulsive and drinks too much on the weekends. Nat is thoughtful and well liked. He is trustworthy, but sometimes he has difficulty making quick decisions.

Of these three men, who would make the best police officer? What qualities and personality factors make someone a good police officer? What makes someone a bad or dangerous police officer? Personality testing is often used for this purpose—to screen applicants for employment and job training.

Personality tests are also used in criminal cases and custody battles, and to assess psychological disorders. This section explores the best known among the many different types of personality tests. Self-report inventories are a kind of objective test used to assess personality.

They typically use multiple-choice items or numbered scales, which represent a range from 1 strongly disagree to 5 strongly agree. They often are called Likert scales after their developer, Rensis Likert Figure 1. Figure 1. Most personality inventories employ these types of response scales. The original MMPI was based on a small, limited sample, composed mostly of Minnesota farmers and psychiatric patients; the revised inventory was based on a more representative, national sample to allow for better standardization.

The MMPI-2 takes 1—2 hours to complete. There is also a scale to ascertain risk factors for alcohol abuse. This version takes about one-half the time to complete and has only questions Figure 2.

Typically, the tests are administered by computer. Figure 2. In addition to clinical scales, the tests also have validity and reliability scales. Recall the concepts of reliability and validity from your study of psychological research. Beutler, Nussbaum, and Meredith gave the MMPI to newly recruited police officers and then to the same police officers 2 years later.

When the test was given an additional 2 years later 4 years after starting on the job , the results suggested high risk for alcohol-related difficulties.

Another method for assessment of personality is projective testing. This kind of test relies on one of the defense mechanisms proposed by Freud—projection—as a way to assess unconscious processes. During this type of testing, a series of ambiguous cards is shown to the person being tested, who then is encouraged to project his feelings, impulses, and desires onto the cards—by telling a story, interpreting an image, or completing a sentence.

Many projective tests have undergone standardization procedures for example, Exner, and can be used to access whether someone has unusual thoughts or a high level of anxiety, or is likely to become volatile. It is a series of symmetrical inkblot cards that are presented to a client by a psychologist.

The Rorschach has been standardized using the Exner system and is effective in measuring depression, psychosis, and anxiety.

A person taking the TAT is shown 8—12 ambiguous pictures and is asked to tell a story about each picture. The stories give insight into their social world, revealing hopes, fears, interests, and goals. The TAT has been used in clinical settings to evaluate psychological disorders; more recently, it has been used in counseling settings to help clients gain a better understanding of themselves and achieve personal growth.

Despite these shortcomings, the TAT has been one of the most widely used projective tests. There are three forms of this test for use with different age groups: the school form, the college form, and the adult form. The tests include 40 incomplete sentences that people are asked to complete as quickly as possible Figure 3. The average time for completing the test is approximately 20 minutes, as responses are only 1—2 words in length. This test is similar to a word association test, and like other types of projective tests, it is presumed that responses will reveal desires, fears, and struggles.

Figure 3. These incomplete sentences resemble the types of questions on the RISB. How would you complete these sentences? For many decades, these traditional projective tests have been used in cross-cultural personality assessments. For example, when the TAT was used with African-American test takers, the result was often shorter story length and low levels of cultural identification Duzant, Watch this CrashCourse video to better understand how personality is measured:.

It has only 10 questions. Simply decide much each pair of words or phrases fits you. It was created by University of Texas psychologist Sam Gosling as a very brief measure of five personality characteristics: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, and Openness to Experience. There are several different self-report inventories that have been developed to measure the Big Five traits, most with 50 or more questions. Looking at the TIPI, you might have the impression that creating a personality inventory is pretty easy.

And, even then, the tests continue to be studied, criticized, and revised. In this exercise, we will look more closely at some of the work that goes into creating a personality inventory or questionnaire. To help you keep your eyes on the process of test construction, we want you to think about a personality dimension that is not as obvious as self-esteem or extraversion. We are going to assess blirtatiousness. His wife is kind and friendly, and she is first to arrive when help is needed, but she hides her feelings and opinions.

It is not easy to know what she wants or where she stands. Consider your own closest friends. Where do they fall on the continuum between my friends?

Who is open and easy to read, and who is private and guarded? Back in the early s, social psychologist William Swann and his colleagues became interested in the impact of self-disclosure—the process of communicating information about ourselves to other people—on personal relationships. Early in their research, the psychologists realized that the story was not going to be simple. Enthusiastic self-disclosure blirting is sometimes good for relationships and sometimes bad, and the same is true about reluctance to self-disclose brooding.

To do this, we are going to re-create Dr. The first step in constructing a test or scale to measure some personal characteristic is to be clear about what it is you are measuring. In their papers, Dr. A person is effusive if they excitedly show and express emotion. One thing to notice about this definition is that it focuses on behavior more than inner feelings. It is the behaviors of our friends and partners that affect us, regardless of their intentions and motivations, so that is what the BLIRT scale is all about.

Obviously, the first step in creating a questionnaire is writing the questions, but this is not as straightforward as it seems.

Will they be open-ended e. Probably not, as they are hard to score. Forced-choice, where a person chooses one of several options, is a better choice. Another common forced-choice format is the Likert [1] scale, which is composed of a statement not a question followed by 5 or 7 numbers allowing you to indicate your level of agreement with the statement.

For example, here is an item from the Rosenberg Self-Esteem inventory :. Swann and his team chose a 7-point Likert format to measure blirtatiousness. To do this, they needed to write clear, simple statements that people could agree or disagree with, where different levels of agreement were possible.

When they were developing the scale, Dr. Swann and his team wrote dozens of questions, and then pared them down to Then, they got undergraduates to rate the 20 questions for how well they fit the qualities that the BLIRT scale was trying to measure.

Questionnaire writers have strategies to encourage people to read the statements carefully. To show what this means, just below is the 7-point Likert scale used with the Blirtatiousness questionnaire. Below that you will see two statements. Look at how the statements and the Likert scale fit together.

Swann and his team chose 8 items for the BLIRT scale and half were worded so that higher numbers mean more blirtatious, and half so that high numbers mean less blirtatious. At this point in the test-creation process, Dr.

They were ready to administer the test, but before they could praise the test and its effectiveness, they needed to be sure of a few things: the questions need to work together as a set, the test must be reliable, and the test must be valid. The exercises you just reviewed give you a taste of the initial steps in creating a personality inventory. We started by carefully defining the personality trait. We had to figure out how we were going to ask our questions, and we chose a Likert scale.

The questions had to be carefully written to be clear and focused on the trait we are studying: blirtatiousness. Writing effective items usually involves a process of writing, testing, selection, rewriting, retesting, and selecting again, until we are satisfied that our questions are good. Once we have compiled a test—at least a candidate for the test—we need to administer it to people to see if it is reliable and internally consistent i.

Before you go on, now is a good time to measure your blirtatiousness.

Part 1: Creating a Personality Questionnaire

Psychological testing is the administration of psychological tests. Scores are thought to reflect individual or group differences in the construct the test purports to measure. According to Anastasi and Urbina, psychological tests involve observations made on a "carefully chosen sample [emphasis authors] of an individual's behavior. Psychological tests can include a series of tasks or problems that the respondent has to solve. Psychological tests can include questionnaires and interviews , which are also designed to measure unobserved constructs. Questionnaire- and interview-based scales typically differ from psychoeducational tests, which ask for a respondent's maximum performance.

Assessment in Applied Sport Psychology PDF

The additional requirement indroduced by this amendment act, namely that tests needed to be certified by the HPCSA in order to be used in Industry, was recently set aside by a decision of the High Court. The other requirements as mentioned above, remain valid. Now that this list has been gazetted, it becomes a criminal offence for a person who is not registered with the HPCSA in a professional category which is allowed to use psychological tests, to use a psychological test.

Psychometric testing takes various forms numerical, mechanical, logical, verbal, etc ; the tests are intended to streamline the recruitment process and reveal top applicants efficiently. Most psychometric tests are administered online. They are now a common hurdle, particularly in graduate scheme applications. The tests are often used in tandem with each other, the chosen test selection dictated by the career sector to which the applicant is applying.

No markings on the pages. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab Exercises in psychological testing, 2nd edition - Find study guides and homework problems for Exercises in Psychological Testing, 2nd Edition By Lisa Hollis-Sawyer, George C. Exercises in Psychological Testing 2nd Edition was written by a person known as the author and has been written in sufficient quantity abundance of interesting books with a lot of link Exercises in Psychological Testing 2nd Edition was one of popular books. StinePublic Library TEXT ID abcd Online PDF Ebook Epub Library sixty five exercises in psychological testing and assessment cohen ronald jay amazonsg books B A degree from an accredited 4-year college or university in psychology, counseling, speech-language pathology, or a closely related field plus satisfactory completion of coursework in test interpretation, psychometrics and measurement theory, educational statistics, or a closely related area or license or certification from an agency that requires appropriate training and experience in the Oct 09, Psychological Testing A Practical Introducation, 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive introduction to major psychometric principles, accompanied by real world examples demonstrating test usage in contemporary practice.

Psychological testing

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They are used to diagnose psychological problems as well as to screen candidates for college and employment. There are two types of personality tests: self-report inventories and projective tests. The MMPI is one of the most common self-report inventories. Roberto, Mikhail, and Nat are college friends and all want to be police officers. Roberto is quiet and shy, lacks self-confidence, and usually follows others. He is a kind person, but lacks motivation.

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