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Kinds Of Courts And Power Of Court Mcqs Pdf

kinds of courts and power of court mcqs pdf

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Supreme Court of India is the apex court. It is the uppermost court of appeal. Which statement regarding the tenure of judges of the Supreme Court is not correct? Explanation: A judge of the Supreme Court gives his resignation letter to the President.

Indian Polity From M. Laxmikanth

The Indian Judicial System. A Historical Survey. By Mr. Justice S. High Court, Allahabad. India has the oldest judiciary in the world.

Consider the following statements: 1. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction in any dispute between the Government of India and one or more States. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction in any dispute between the Government of India and any State or States on one side and one or more other States on the other. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction in any dispute between the Government of India and any corporation or individual on one side and one or more States on the other. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction in any dispute between two or more States.

Which of the following is the best description of the operation of precedent on the Supreme Court formerly House of Lords? According to Bristol Aeroplane , the Court of Appeal is generally bound by its own previous decisions subject to three exceptions. Which one of the following is not an exception to the rule? Which of the following is the correct statement as to the binding authority of the High Court on another High Court case? Which of the following statements best describes the judicial act of distinguishing a case? Resources Glossary Multiple choice questions Key facts checklists Flashcards of key cases Outline answers to essay questions Diagnostic test - where do I need to concentrate? Instructions Answer the following questions and then press 'Submit' to get your score.

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Solved Objective question[MCQ] paper for Preliminary Exam: Higher Judicial Service 2020- 1st Set

Prior to the establishment of High Court of Judicature. The Ruler of the State Maharaja was the final authority in the administration of justice.

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Mootness: An Explanation of the Justiciability Doctrine

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    Answer each question on the MCQ Answer Sheet by shading completely the appropriate circle corresponding to the letter you have chosen.

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    Established in accordance to the Part VII of the Constitution of Pakistan , it has ultimate and extensive appellate , original , and advisory jurisdictions on all courts including the high courts , district , special and Shariat court , involving issues of laws and may act on the verdicts rendered on the cases in context in which it enjoys jurisdiction.

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    court shall be binding on all courts in India. A. B. C. D. 9. The jurisdiction of a court, refers to the power or the extent of the authority, of.

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