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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pair Work Pdf

advantages and disadvantages of pair work pdf

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Tutor Hunt Resources Psychology Resources. The strategies for organising pupils in groups, paired and individual and the impact each strategy has on performance. In classrooms as few as two people can form groups, as long as the paired individuals have mutual influence through communication and mental contact.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pair Work and Group Work in the Class

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Pros and cons of pair and group work. May 05, Most teachers have made frequent use of pair and group work for many years, notably since the rise of communicative language teaching in the s. Even before then it would have been common for pupils to work in pairs on simple role-play and dialogue tasks. So pair and group work is standard practice, if not universally supported by language teachers.

Small group learning

Small group learning is an educational approach that focuses on individuals learning in small groups and is distinguished from learning climate and organizational learning. It is also described as a team-based approach to learning where students work together towards shared learning objectives. This model is based on the idea that the small group learning format encourages learners not only to express their understanding of a topic but also compare their ideas, allowing for a deeper and more meaningful learning. Small group learning can take the form of a classroom-based training through experiential learning activities such as case study analysis, role plays, games, simulations, and brainstorming, among others. In a recent meta analysis of group learning studies based on 49 independent samples, from 37 studies encompassing separate findings, students who learned in small groups demonstrated greater achievement. The group work has to be carefully planned and frequently requires a facilitator to ensure group progress. In addition, the group function and the learning that takes place needs to be assessed and evaluated.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gruop Work, Pair Work , Whole Class Teaching

However, this has not always been the case in language learning classrooms in Asia. This workshop looked at the advantages and disadvantages of using small group work and pair work activities particularly for Asian students. The use of small group work and pair work activities in this workshop illustrated how despite the perceived disadvantages of these types of activities they can be turned into positive learning experiences.

The first and foremost benefit of both pair work and group work is that they increase the amount of student practice. It is known that lessons have limited time - usually only forty five minutes - and there are on average thirty students in the class, although nowadays there is a tendency to divide classes into two groups to make them smaller and easier to teach. Still, in a class of thirty students during a teacher-led activity, very seldom do even fifty per cent of students take active part in the lesson. The first thing that happens in such a class is that students get bored very quickly waiting for their classmates' answers.

The use of group work in the classroom is one of the most widely researched and implemented teaching approaches in the world. Numerous research studies have shown the benefits of collaborative learning on academic performance, communication skills, and confidence. However, our understanding of how group work facilitates learning and why group work is only effective in certain situations is still limited.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pair And Group Work

Working in pairs and groups

Skip to content. The tendency with primary learners is to treat the class as a whole group and underestimate their ability to work in pairs or in small groups. Even very young learners can become independent in their learning and guided early on they will be more likely to grow into autonomous and successful language learners. The advantages of pair work and small group work. Help Log in Sign up Newsletter. Average: 3.

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