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Benefits And Costs Of Related Diversification Pdf

benefits and costs of related diversification pdf

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Diversification, resource concentration, and business group performance: Evidence from Taiwan

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The effects of diversification on financial performance are well-established, less so the way in which diversification influences company behaviour towards stakeholder demand and social concern. This paper investigates the relationship between business diversification and corporate social performance CSP in an industrial setting, in Indonesia. CSP is measured with an index constructed from content and disclosure analysis of annual company reports in line with global reporting initiative standards. A sample of listed manufacturing companies from the Indonesian Stock Exchange is used to estimate a lagged multiple regression model to show that industry-level diversification does not have an effect on CSP. However, distinguishing between related and unrelated diversification produces a different outcome whereby, related diversification is negatively and statistically significantly correlated with CSP. Unrelated diversification, on the other hand, shows a positive and statistically significant relationship. It means the relationship between unrelated diversification and CSP is more positive than the relationship between related diversification and CSP.

Diversification Strategies: Related and Unrelated Diversification

Diversification is the art of entering product markets different from those in which the firm is currently engaged in. A related diversification is one in which the two involved businesses have meaningful commonalties, which provide the potential to generate economies of scale or synergies based upon the exchange of skills or resources. In a related diversification the resulting combined business should be able to achieve improved ROI because of increased revenues, decreased costs, or reduced investment, which are attributable to the commonalties. An important issue in any diversification decision is whether, in fact, there is a real and meaningful area of commonality that will benefit the ultimate ROI. If such a meaningful commonality is lacking, the diversification may still be justifiable, but the rationale will need to be different. Related diversification provides the potential to attain synergies by the exchanged or sharing of skills or resources. The second condition is to find a partner or business unit that can either provide or use them.

Corporate strategy, the overall plan for a diversified company, is both the darling and the stepchild of contemporary management practice—the darling because CEOs have been obsessed with diversification since the early s, the stepchild because almost no consensus exists about what corporate strategy is, much less about how a company should formulate it. A diversified […]. A diversified company has two levels of strategy: business unit or competitive strategy and corporate or companywide strategy. Competitive strategy concerns how to create competitive advantage in each of the businesses in which a company competes. Corporate strategy concerns two different questions: what businesses the corporation should be in and how the corporate office should manage the array of business units. Corporate strategy is what makes the corporate whole add up to more than the sum of its business unit parts. The track record of corporate strategies has been dismal.

benefits and costs of related diversification pdf

Request PDF | Benefits and Costs of Diversification for Firms in Chapter 11 | Abstract This Prior research shows that diversification may benefit both firms and optimism in analysts' forecasts of earnings is related to the costs and benefits to.

Related diversification, core competences and corporate performance

Related Diversification

This study examines the impact of resource configuration, specifically diversification and resource concentration, on the performance of business groups in an emerging economy. Based on the data collected from Taiwanese business groups from to , this study finds that resource concentration positively influences the performance of business groups, while diversification has a negative impact on the performance of business groups. The findings of this study provide support to the resource-based view and the market power perspective of business groups. This study also finds that the appropriate organizational form may change over time, confirming the institution-based view of business groups in emerging economies.

This article proposes a new explanation for the large cross-sectional variation in the excess values of diversified firms. The model applies the idea of shareholders' limited liability affecting firms' output market strategies to the analysis of financial and operating choices of conglomerates. The inability of conglomerates to commit to unconstrained optimal operating strategies, following from the lack of flexibility in choosing their divisions' capital structures, reduces their value.

Diversification strategies, in particular those associated with acquisition activity, offer companies an opportunity for growth in a less restricted en. Limmack, R. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Shareholder wealth effects of diversification strategies: A review of recent literature


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    Related diversification, unrelated diversification, executive leadership style, ultimately to cost advantages (Teece, ; Wan et al., ).

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    Related Diversification is the most popular distinction between the different types of diversification and is made with regard to how close the field of diversification is to the field of the existing business activities.

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