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Parts Of Motherboard And Their Function Pdf

parts of motherboard and their function pdf

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Going over the parts of a computer and their functions will help you understand all the vital components that make up a computer. Here is a complete list of all the common computer hardware components and common peripherals that get used with them. It is usually designed in such a manner to make fitting a motherboard, wiring, and drives as easy as possible.

Some are designed so well that it is easy to make everything look tidy and presentable too. Cases come in all different shapes and sizes to accommodate various types of computer components and to satisfy the needs of the consumer. Design elements can vary from being plain to extremely elaborate. You can get a plain grey case or one that has colored lighting everywhere to make it looks spectacular. Cases, like most things, vary in quality.

You can get them made from cheap metals or from good quality materials that provide you with a sturdy design. Its function is to integrate all the components with each other so they can communicate and operate together. A good motherboard offers a wide amount of connectivity options. It also has the least amount of bottlenecks as possible. This allows all the components to operate efficiently and to fulfill their maximum potential as they were designed to do.

Obviously, as the physical size of a motherboard is reduced, it begins to limit connectivity options and functionality.

The CPU is basically like the brain of a computer. It processes all the information on a computational level. It takes information from the RAM and processes it to perform the tasks required from the computer. It is usually seated in a socket that utilizes a lever or a latch with a hinged plate with a cut out in the center to secure it onto the motherboard.

It has many copper pads underneath it for the contacts of the socket to push up against them to make electrical contact. It will run even hotter when it is set to a higher clock speed in order to make it run faster.

This is called overclocking. This is why a heatsink and fan assembly is required in order to draw the heat away from the processor and distribute it to thin sheets or fins of metal for the fan to cool down. There are so many different types of processors. RAM is a data storage device that can provide fast read and write access.

RAM is also volatile which means that it loses all the stored data the moment power is lost. The speed of the RAM is a big contributor to the overall speed of a computer. It too has a clock speed, just like a processor. So, it can also be overclocked to deliver increased performance beyond the intended specification.

Certain RAM modules are sold with a heat spreader. RAM has evolved like any other component. A graphics card processes the data from the motherboard and sends the appropriate information to the monitor in order for it to be displayed. It takes the burden of all the video processing from the main CPU. This gives a computer a big boost in performance. Because of the large processing requirements for a gaming graphics card, fans are almost a given. It is a serial expansion bus slot that is capable of a high amount of bandwidth, in two directions.

But, if you are a sound enthusiast or prefer higher detailed audio while playing a game, you might be inclined to use a sound card. Sound cards plug into a computer in multiple ways. A sound processing chip on the card does all of the audio processing and is usually not a very powerful processor. A hard drive is found in most computers. Apart from storing data, it can also be used as a boot drive in order to run the operating system from it.

An operating system is a software program that makes a computer useable. Like Microsoft Windows for example. A mechanical hard drive contains one or more platters that spin anywhere between to RPM revolutions per minute.

The read and write heads are spaced only about 0. Small areas on the platter can be arranged to represent a 1 or a 0. It can be changed using the drive head to magnetically alter the material to represent the correct value. It consists of a bank of flash memory that can hold a reasonable amount of data. However, the SSD is a high-performance drive. A power supply mounts inside the computer case. This converts the AC mains supply from the wall socket and supplies the correct DC voltages to all the components inside the computer.

You get different wattage ratings for power supplies. The higher the wattage, the higher the amount of electrical current can be made available to parts that need it. A power supply also comes with its own cooling fan. This helps all the internal components to stay cool when the power supply is subjected to bigger loads.

A monitor is what you use to see a visual representation of the graphics data sent from the graphics card of the computer. There are various types of monitors on the market. There are also a variety of different sizes with different aspect ratios. The aspect ratio is simply the ratio between height and width. Monitors also have a fast response time in order to keep up with the high demands required to eliminate delays with user input for gaming.

A keyboard is one of the ways to communicate with a computer. By typing a key from the keyboard, it sends a small portion of data to tell the computer which key was pressed. The computer can use this information in many ways. An example could be a command or a character that can be used in a document.

I talk about my personal favorite keyboard over here. A mouse allows the user to move a pointer displayed on the monitor and experience a more intuitive interaction with the computer. The three main buttons, however, allows the user to select, grab, scroll and access extra menus and options. You can take a look at my favorite mouse right here. It does this by using the data from the computer and by either using toner or ink, it deposits one of these in a controlled and accurate manner to form the image.

A scanner can take anything on a piece of paper and scan it to produce a replicated digital image. That covers the basic components of a computer. All of these parts play a vital function in order for a computer to work. Marlo is a full-time professional computer programmer, electronics engineer and computer technician. Computers are his passion and he loves to help anyone wanting to know more about them.

Skip to content Going over the parts of a computer and their functions will help you understand all the vital components that make up a computer. Parts of a computer with their functions Here is a complete list of all the common computer hardware components and common peripherals that get used with them.

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Computer Motherboard Components And The Functions , Manufactures & Others

This essay from MiniTool will introduce you with 20 major components of a motherboard together with their basic information including their functions. According to Wikipedia, a motherboard is the main printed circuit board PCB in common computers both desktops and laptops as well as other expandable systems. It is also known as a mainboard, main circuit board, system board, baseboard, logic board, planar board or mobo. There are many components found in a motherboard. Some of them are major motherboard components while others are not. The following is a motherboard components list. CPU is the electronic circuitry in a computer that executes instructions that make up a program.

A computer is the most evolving machine in the 21st century. But those who are trying to know about the motherboard computer after opening its circuits. There is a green board that is connected to every component of the computer. Few years back when I was very naive in the computer world , then I had no knowledge about it. But now I have the knowledge to explain you the various parts that resides in the motherboard computer. This post will help you to know how a motherboard functions with all other components to work for a computer. Motherboard is the most essential part of a computer.

A motherboard also called mainboard , main circuit board , system board , baseboard , planar board , logic board , [1] or mobo is the main printed circuit board PCB in general-purpose computers and other expandable systems. It holds and allows communication between many of the crucial electronic components of a system, such as the central processing unit CPU and memory , and provides connectors for other peripherals. Motherboard means specifically a PCB with expansion capabilities. As the name suggests, this board is often referred to as the "mother" of all components attached to it, which often include peripherals, interface cards, and daughtercards : sound cards , video cards , network cards , host bus adapters , TV tuner cards , IEEE cards; and a variety of other custom components. Similarly, the term mainboard describes a device with a single board and no additional expansions or capability, such as controlling boards in laser printers, television sets, washing machines, mobile phones, and other embedded systems with limited expansion abilities. The term Logic board is brand specific, coined by Apple in the early 's for the motherboards in Macintosh computers.

parts of motherboard and their function pdf

Motherboard Basics. A computer has many components, each with their own roles and functions. The role of the motherboard is to allow all these components to.

10 Parts of a Motherboard and Their Function

The motherboard serves as a single platform to connect all of the parts of a computer together. It connects the CPU, memory, hard drives, optical drives, video card, sound card, and other ports and expansion cards directly or via cables. It can be considered as the backbone of a computer.


Patrick, a computer technician, is a dedicated writer who wishes to make the world better by informing individuals who seek more knowledge. The main printed circuit board in a computer is known as the motherboard. Other names for this central computer unit are system board, mainboard, or printed wired board PWB.

The Computer Mother Board Explained

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What are the different parts of a Motherboard computer – Computer Motherboard pdf Circuit Diagram

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