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The intensive production of ducks is a very popular activity and developed in most countries of Southeast Asia and China. The United States has quite specialized industrial systems for the industrial production of duck meat that guarantees local market demands. The commercial duck in general is a type of bird that is very resistant to adverse weather and handling conditions. Additionally, ducks can have very satisfactory yields even when the quality of the food is not the best. Figure 1.

Animal Health Diagnostic Center

Duck viral enteritis DVE is an acute and often severe disease of both wild and domestic waterfowl induced by Anatid alphaherpesvirus 1. Lesions include generalized hemorrhages and necrosis of the GI mucosa and liver. Prevention includes biosecurity and avoiding contact with captive waterfowl with wild birds. Some producers in the USA, Canada, and Europe use attenuated-virus vaccines to immunize breeders and ducklings. Duck viral enteritis DVE is an acute, highly contagious disease of ducks, geese, and swans of all ages, characterized by sudden death, high mortality particularly among older ducks , and hemorrhages and necrosis in internal organs. DVE has been reported in domestic and wild waterfowl in Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa , resulting in limited to serious economic losses on domestic duck farms and sporadic, limited to massive die-offs in wild waterfowl.

Diseases of ducks affecting birds around the world can be conveniently divided based on the causal agent. Nevertheless, the basic rules of biosecurity and disease control apply to the prevention of most diseases, whatever the causal organism. This is by far the most common bacterial infection of all ages of commercial ducks and can certainly have the largest economic effect. In common with other classes of poultry, Escherichia coli infections can affect chicks, growing birds and parent stock. Being an environmental organism, it can act as a primary causal organism or secondary to other infections such as viruses or management problems which may affect the flock. Post mortem signs are similar to those in the fowl or turkeys.

Duck Viral Enteritis

Metrics details. Newcastle disease ND caused by virulent Newcastle disease virus NDV is an acute, highly contagious and fatal viral disease affecting most species of birds. Ducks are generally considered to be natural reservoirs or carriers of NDV while being resistant to NDV strains, even those most virulent for chickens; however, natural ND cases in ducks have been gradually increasing in recent years. Susceptibility to NDV infection among breeds varied, per morbidity and mortality. Mallard ducks were the most susceptible, and Pekin ducks the most resistant.

Health care Ducks are generally hardier than other poultry. In practical duck rearing the diseases of importance are duck plague, pasteurellosis and aflatoxicosis. The only method of prevention of aflatoxicosis is to eliminate the use of feed or feed ingredient having fungal or mould growth. Effective vaccine against duck plague is now available. Duck virus hepatitis is another disease and that could cause heavy mortality of ducklings, when they occur. Some of the diseases that may affect ducks are given below. Duck Plague Adult birds are mostly affected by virus disease.

This site requires a JavaScript enabled browser. Prevention is often better than cure when it comes to controlling duck diseases, as Dr Wiebke Oellrich, of Cherry Valley Farms , explains. Ducks are a hardy species and most of the common diseases can usually be well dealt with through good management, biosecurity and vaccination. But, while ducks are overall more disease-resistant than most other poultry, once there is a problem, treatment can be difficult as there are hardly any licensed veterinary products for ducks on the market. Duck producers, therefore, need to be even more aware of the common disease threats and take all reasonable precautions to keep them at bay. Riemerella anatipestifer can cause serious problems in ducks between two and eight weeks of age and is often linked to poor hygiene and multi-age sites. Due to the bacteria being able to reach the brain, nervous symptoms like head shaking and mobility issues are common.

Antibiotic therapy based on sensitivity data from post mortem cultures can be effective in combating infections. The use of commercial inactivated E. coli or autoge-.

Commercial production and sanitary problems in ducks

Problems attributed to coliform infections are often caused by strains of the Escherichia coli organism. There is a marked variation in severity. Problems range from severe acute infections with sudden and high mortality to mild infections of a chronic nature with low morbidity and mortality. Infections may result in a respiratory disease from air sac infection, a septicemic blood disease from generalized infections, an enteritis from intestinal infection or a combination of any or all of these conditions.

Keeping ducks healthy requires taking the necessary steps to prevent disease outbreaks from occurring in the first place, and in cases where ducks do become infected, administering appropriate treatment to minimize mortality and morbidity. The following guidelines were developed with large flocks of ducks in mind, but they also apply to small flocks. Disease prevention in ducks, and in poultry in general, is discussed in more detail in standard textbooks on poultry diseases and in other related publications, some of which are referenced on this site Duck Publications. Caretakers must be diligent in three main areas to prevent ducks from becoming infected with disease. Duck virus hepatitis is a highly fatal contagious disease of young ducklings, days of age.

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Getting to grips with common duck diseases

Keywords: amyloidosis , duck , goose , influenza , lead , Mycoplasma , Pasteurella , swan. When consulting textbooks for help, often a dizzying array of waterfowl diseases are encountered. Unless captive populations are exposed to wild birds, the incidence of infectious disease is relatively low although birds less than 7 weeks of age are at greater risk when compared to adult birds.

There are many common and important diseases which can affect the respiratory system air passages, lungs, air sacs of poultry see Table 1. Poultry refers to birds that people keep for their use and generally includes the chicken, turkey, duck, goose, quail, pheasant, pigeon, guinea fowl, pea fowl, ostrich, emu, and rhea. Due to modern systems of management, usually with high poultry densities, these diseases are able to readily spread. Synonyms : chicken pox not to be confused with chicken pox in humans; the human disease does not affect poultry and vice versa , sore head, avian diphtheria, bird pox. Species affected: Most poultry—chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quail, ducks, psittacine, and ratites—of all ages are susceptible.

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Diseases of Poultry

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