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Heat And Mass Transfer In Porous Media Pdf

heat and mass transfer in porous media pdf

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Show all documents Numerical modelling of thermo-hydromechanical THM in deforming porous media for subsurface systems A fully coupled model for simulating heat and mass transfer in deformable porous materials involving phase changes phenomena evaporation, condensation and la- tent heat transfer has been presented. The model based on a strong physical back- ground clearly identifies that the constitutive equations and other coefficients are needed to characterize the analyzed medium.

Heat/Mass transfer in Porous media

Make Submissions Propose a Special Issue. Download PDF. This work focuses on tyipical heat and mass transfer phenomena during the processing of products in the context of the packed-bed drying method products arranged in thick layers into dryers working in forced convection mode. The dryers are modeled as porous media at the macroscopic level. The simulations are carried out using the mass, momentum written in the framework of the Darcy's law approximation and energy equations applied for the different components.

The paper deals with numerical study of drying process of porous media of sand during the evaporation of a liquid saturated porous layer within parallel vertical channel. The liquid and air streams are modeled as two coupled laminar boundary layers incorporating non-Darcian models of the inertia and boundary effects. The governing equations and the associated boundary conditions are discretized by means of the finite volume method implemented on a staggered mesh and the velocity-pressure coupling is processed by the SIMPLER algorithm. The influences of the inlet mass flow of the drying gas, porous layer thickness and the porosity on the drying process are analyzed. Results show that the drying rate of the porous media is improved by the reduction of the porosity and porous layer thickness a large drying rate is obtained with high inlet mass flow and high inlet gas temperature. Data correspond to usage on the plateform after

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Convective heat transfer in turbulent flow in porous media is, in general, less understood compared to laminar and creeping flows. It is broadly integrated into industrial applications even though a lack of understanding in microscale. In the present study, we report a direct numerical simulation DNS based microscopic analysis of heat and fluid flow in synthetic porous media with an aim to link the macroscopic statistics and qualitative observations with pore-scale signatures of the same. DNS is conducted with two computational codes with a cautious validation on the microscale. The synthetic porous media are comprised of square cylinders in a staggered array. Macroscopic observation indicates an increased pressure loss and increased Nusselt number Nu as a result of high Reynolds numbers.

Items in UDSspace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Show full item record. Sulemana, Musah. Unsteady heat and mass transfers are important transport phenomena that are found in many engineering and industrial applications. In such systems, the variations in the fluid flow result in variations in the heat flux for fluid-solid temperature difference. In this study, analytical and theoretical investigations of some non-linear problems arising from unsteady heat and mass transfer through porous media are considered.

heat and mass transfer in porous media pdf

Advances in Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Materials

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Abstract This research experimentally investigates the influences of electrical voltage, particle sizes and layer arrangement on the heat and mass transfer in porous packed bed subjected to electrohydrodynamic drying. The packed bed consists of a single and double layers of glass beads, water and air.

Porous media are used across a huge array of applied sciences and engineering disciplines. Biologists and geoscientists consider their role in natural processes. Chemists and materials scientists seek to understand their fundamental properties and technological applications.

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