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Oil & Gas Industry Insurance

Offshore oil rigs are among the most difficult and complex commercial risks to insure, subject to a unique set of environmental conditions because of their location at sea and their constant exposure to catastrophes and loss. Despite the risks they face from hurricanes and other weather events, loss events for oil rigs and platforms are relatively infrequent, but have the potential to generate large losses when they do occur. For example, the hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico produced record losses for the offshore energy sector. Due to the complex nature of the risks involved, developing an insurance program for an offshore energy operator is a sophisticated process that requires specialist knowledge and expertise on the part of the global insurance and reinsurance markets. Risk management solutions may feature a number of components, such as self-insurance, high retentions and deductibles, reinsurance, participation in mutual insurers, and the use of captives and the capital markets. Many of the largest offshore energy operators are self-insured for physical damage to their property and equipment. Self-insurance may be preferable when the high values and exposures involved would make the cost of insurance prohibitive.

Optimum insurance cover for oil and gas companies

On the commercial side of offshore oil and gas operations, the number of different parties involved is vast. Thus, different types of contracts, made by different parties, concern different phases of the operations which, in the end, produce the oil or gas ready to be distributed. Given the nature of the business, the risk of harm to either people, properties or to the environment is very high. As is almost always the case, the insurance of the different interests and liabilities involved in such operations plays a crucial role in these activities. This chapter provides an overview of the types of insurance taken out in respect of the operation of offshore oil and gas installations by highlighting the features of those contracts that are specific to such operations. You are not authenticated to view the full text of this chapter or article. Elgaronline requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books or journals.

With the current reality of more employees working from home through the pandemic, is your business ready for all the implications? The oil and gas industry is constantly evolving — and so are the exposures. From drilling operations to service contractors to manufacturers of related parts and products, there are unique risks at every stage of the process. With so many years serving this industry, Travelers has developed the specialized expertise, products and services that can help oil and gas companies protect their employees, their physical assets, their balance sheets and ultimately their long term viability. Travelers is an industry leader in the oil and gas insurance sector with more than 30 years serving oil and gas customers. Our underwriting, claim and risk control professionals focus exclusively on the oil and gas industry. In fact, some come directly from jobs in the oil and gas industry.

(2) Gives the insured coverage (for interest) on outside oil investments Any insurance office that writes oil and gas risks should have copies of.

Guidelines for Oil and Gas Insurance Business

Oil & Gas Industry Insurance

Guidelines for Oil and Gas Insurance Business. The reinsurance treaty capacity of a consortium of insurers is also acceptable.

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Guidelines for Oil and Gas Insurance Business. The reinsurance treaty capacity of a consortium of insurers is also acceptable. All requests for Approval-in-Principle to place a specified proportion of risk abroad must be accompanied by the following:. All requests for Letter of Attestation and Certificate to Reinsure Abroad must be accompanied by the following:. It is the responsibility of the leader of the consortium to coordinate the processing of the insured claims and to issue. Thus an insurer can only bid on individual basis or as a member of a consortium. Similarly, the foreign loss adjuster shall handle the assignment with and in collaboration with at least one loss adjusters registered under the Insurance Act,

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PDF | Oil and gas companies are exposed to several sources of uncertainty in their operations. Buying insurance is a common practice for.

The ILO estimates that nearly 6 million people are directly employed by the petroleum industry and over ten times that number of jobs are indirectly created by the industry. Employment opportunities for women in the petroleum industry are increasing, but from a very low base. This may be because of harsh working conditions in the industry: long hours work, especially in oil production; increasing amounts of work round the clock, in difficult, remote areas ; scheduling of shifts particularly offshore when rotation patterns are constrained by transport schedules and limits on accommodation. The petroleum industry faces the shortage of skilled workers.

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With special risk-transfer solutions for project- or performance-related risks and natural catastrophe covers, insurers can play a key role as enablers and credit risk enhancers. In addition, the engineering and natural catastrophe knowledge and experience gathered in decades of risk assessment for the energy industry make insurers suitable advisors and consultants for innovative energy projects. We have been underwriting the Downstream Energy market for over 35 years and is recognized as a market leader in this class of business in both the London and international Energy insurance markets.

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Energy companies have decades of experience operating in some of the most hazardous environments on the planet, and have learned much about mitigating the risks involved. Incidents such as Deepwater Horizon, which can cause extreme environmental damage and leave energy companies with a multi-billion dollar clean-up bill, put sharply into focus how energy companies use insurance and reinsurance products to protect themselves from the catastrophic cons. In Petroleum Economist is joined by Hydrogen Economist and Transition Economist to form the only genuinely comprehensive intelligence service covering the global energy industry.

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