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Network Layer Delivery Forwarding And Routing Ppt To Pdf

network layer delivery forwarding and routing ppt to pdf

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A routing protocol specifies how routers communicate with each other to distribute information that enables them to select routes between nodes on a computer network. Routers perform the traffic directing functions on the Internet; data packets are forwarded through the networks of the internet from router to router until they reach their destination computer.

1 chapter 22 network layer delivery, forwarding and routing dr. gihan naguib behrouz a. forouzan...

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Network Layer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The delivery of a packet is called direct if the deliverer host or router and the destination are on the same network; the delivery of a packet is called indirect if the deliverer host or router and the destination are on different networks. In the next-hop method, instead of a complete list of the stops the packet must make, only the address of the next hop is listed in the routing table; in the networkspecific method, all hosts on a network share one entry in the routing table. In the host-specific method, the full IP address of a host is given in the routing table. In the default method, a router is assigned to receive all packets with no match in the routing table. The routing table for classless addressing needs at least four columns. Address aggregation simplifies the forwarding process in classless addressing. Longest mask matching is required in classless addressing.

When a device has multiple paths to reach a destination, it always selects one path by preferring it over others. This selection process is termed as Routing. Routing is done by special network devices called routers or it can be done by means of software processes. The software based routers have limited functionality and limited scope. A router is always configured with some default route. A default route tells the router where to forward a packet if there is no route found for specific destination. In case there are multiple path existing to reach the same destination, router can make decision based on the following information:.

In Network layer, a router is used to forward the packets. Every router has a forwarding table. A router forwards a packet by examining a packet's header field and then using the header field value to index into the forwarding table. The value stored in the forwarding table corresponding to the header field value indicates the router's outgoing interface link to which the packet is to be forwarded. For example, the router with a header field value of arrives at a router, and then router indexes this header value into the forwarding table that determines the output link interface is 2. The router forwards the packet to the interface 2.

Chapter 22 Network Layer: Delivery, Forwarding, and Routing


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    Delivery, Forwarding, The network layer supervises define this handling as the delivery of a packet. Forwarding means to place the packet in its route to UNICAST ROUTING PROTOCOLS table is one with manual entries.

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